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ITV News Interview about Being


Kickstarter Project for my short Film called Being


About The Story

Buddy is a young carer for his Mum who has multiple sclerosis. He struggles with his responsibilities at home and is bullied at school finding escape in a world of sixties music. He befriends an out of work actor, Doley, who was in the movie Quadrophenia.

Caring For Loved Ones

The core of the film is the struggle carers face when looking after family members. It raises the question, in a lighthearted way, why in this day and age, carers and those they care for are still marginalised and made to feel like outsiders.

Check out the links for Being and the Kickstarter Project.


Pete Townshend standing next to the Golden Prince from his art collection

Pete Townshend standing next to Golden Prince sculpture from his art collection. Featured in the documentary Kennedy and I collaborated on with Peter Blake.

The work will be auctioned in 2016.


Word Made Flesh Film Series nominated for film award

Peter Blake documentary from Word Made Flesh film series nominated for film award at BlowUp Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival.


Monstrous Creature : Macabro

Macabro are showing Monstrous Creature.  Check out the link!


Bird of Grief - Art Film by Devlin & Kennedy Crow

Bird of Grief - Art Film by Devlin & Kennedy Crow, accepted as a work for Arvo Part Centre (as seen in photos).

A place for preserving and researching the creative heritage of the composer Arvo Part in his native land Estonia.



Sir Peter Blake brings his singular vision to New York City

Sir Peter Blake brings his singular vision to New York City, in the interview Sir Peter makes reference to our film.



Peter Blake documentary at Twickenham Studios

Just mixed the Peter Blake documentary at Twickenham studios, in the very space where The Beatles recorded the music for there features Hard Days Night and Help.

The film score for Blake's documentary features an original score by Pete Townshend of The Who.

Craig Irving at Twickenham has done an exceptional mix for the film.


Working with the Animator Phil Mulloy

I am working with the animator Phil Mulloy on a DVD release, that will contain our animated film-works.

Foreward for DVD release written by the film journalist Danny Leigh.

DVD release includes contributions by Steven Berkoff, Lindsay Duncan, Nick Cave, Andy Serkis, composer Joseph Bell, editor Tony Fish, Nicolas Roeg and 
Mark-Anthony Turnage.


Homecoming Plea

Recently recorded the dialogue at GCRS in Soho London, for the new animated film "Homecoming Plea" I'm directing. Michael Smiley has provided the voiceover.